Improve The Appearance Of The Skin

It seems that every day there is a new “miracle cure” to slow (or stop) the aging process. But suction cups have been used for centuries for this reason. Smoother, clearer and detoxified skin shows less wrinkles and scars and looks younger.

Suction cups have been used to treat a host of skin conditions, including eliminating acne and eczema, reducing skin inflammation, reducing skin rashes, and even decreasing cellulite . In the case of eczema, suction is applied to points on the body, such as the upper end of the spinal cord, below the knee, or above the ankle. It is used to treat suction cup acne in the affected area.

As part of a treatment for cellulite, the suction cups are made after applying the oil to the skin. The suction cups are then vacuumed and moved to bring heat to the area.

Cupping therapy is based on the belief that the disease results from the blockage of positive energy flowing through the body’s meridians. Removing this congestion can make it easier for the body to heal itself. Applying suction cups draws blood to the affected area, energizing the skin tissue. This blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients, while the lymphatic system produces antibodies that are necessary for healing. Blood flow also works to detoxify, as noted above, by eliminating pathogens that cause skin conditions.

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